Across all sectors, consumer demand is set to suffer as social distancing and low confidence lead to a big drop in discretionary spending. But despite the short-term challenges, we believe that by working together, and bringing you powerful data and tools, we can help you and your customers come back stronger, more secure and ready for a brighter future.

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Customer loyalty

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Customer targeting

Core platforms

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On-demand webinars

The economic reboot & impact on regulation

Jakob Faergeman Principal Consultant, Experian
Stefan Stoyanov Analytics Vice President, Experian

About the presentation

Covid-19 will have an economic impact across all economies with investment and demand shocks triggering a slowdown. This economic disruption and prolonged recovery will significantly impact the banking sector, with a sharp increase in non-performing loan levels, provisioning and shortage of capital. Changes to revenue streams will be swift and significant. It will therefore become increasingly important for credit providers to understand these rapid changes in as close to real time as possible, so they can protect both their customers and their loan portfolios.

Learn about the impacts of Covid-19 and how to improve your business’ strategies whilst adapting to new regulations.

Digital experiences – the new normal

Armando Capone - Chief Commercial Officer, Experian
Carlo Gabardo - Head of Analytics, Experian

About the presentation

During the lockdown many organisations were obliged to close their branches, or significantly reduce opening hours to the public. This means that they have yet to migrate their entire product and service offering to online platforms. Whilst, those that are further along, are continually looking to improve those experiences.

Learn about the new digital challenges and opportunities and how organisations are managing them.

The impact of Covid-19 on the small and medium sized enterprise

Wim Heirman - Senior Risk Management Consultant, Experian
Mohammed Chaudhri - Chief Economist, Experian
Michael Munsie - Strategic Sales Director of Analytics, Experian

About the presentation

Despite large amount of Government Stimulus, many MSMEs will fail and losses and provisions will be impacted. Firms focused on the service, hospitality, tourism sectors are likely to face the greatest liquidity challenge. SMEs are particularly vulnerable to reduced cash flow. Join this webinar to know how to protect your customer portfolios and how to identify early indicators of potential default.

Debt defence and collection strategies

Herman Peters - Senior Global Consultant, Experian
Burak Kilicoglu - Head of Analytics, Experian

About the presentation

Economic impact and uncertainty will likely cause a sharp increase in non-performing loan levels and overall provisioning. The predictive power of existing analytical models will very likely become out of date and the demand on operational resources will increase. So, it is important for businesses to look at alternative strategies.

Join this webinar to learn what might be available to you and to get ahead of the changing scene for managing debt and collections.

Fraud prevention in a Covid-19 environment

James Brodhurst - Head of Identity & Fraud, Experian
Frédéric Dubout - Senior Fraud Consultant, Experian
Christof Seifert - Senior Fraud Consultant, Experian

About the presentation

The current pandemic has meant that more consumers are now forced to access products and services online. However, this "digital playground" has become a magnet for organised crime and as such, application fraud, amongst other fraud, is on the rise.

Join our webinar to discover how you can apply fraud prevention actions to protect your business and your customers.

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