How innovative is your credit data strategy?

Are you doing the best you can to manage credit risk?

Are you adapting to the changes in consumer behavior by integrating the latest credit data sources into your models?

Take the self-assessment quiz below and learn how you and your organization rank among other credit businesses and see where you could potentially improve.

  • What new data sources could improve your credit assessments?
  • How innovative is your organization in relation to adopting new data sources and methods?
  • Where do you rank against your peers?

Innovation level categories

Your quiz score will help you determine how innovative you are within credit data strategy. The scores equate to the following innovation categories:
-56 to 20 = There is room for improvement.
21 to 60 = You have lots of potential to become a Super Innovator.
61 to 122 = You are a Super Innovator!

Take the Credit Data Strategy quiz to discover how innovative your credit risk strategy is and get insights on how you can ensure you remain top of the class among your peers.

Rank yourself against your peers

  • Do you utilize credit scoring, scorecards or credit models today? *
  • If no, have you considered the benefits of implementing credit models or scoring? *
  • How recently have you updated or reviewed your credit models? *
  • Have you added any digitization or automations in your credit decisioning within the past year? *
  • How well do you use new data sources to ensure responsible lending? *
  • What is your main challenge in regards to credit assessments?
  • Do you experience barriers in your organization in regards to innovating your credit strategies? *
  • If yes, what is the main barrier? *
  • Where do you feel you could increase your level of automation? *
  • Is innovation and new intitiatives included in the company budget? *

Get your free results report now and see how you rank against your peers!

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