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Thursday 23 January, 14:30 - 15:00 CET

Adopting advanced analytics to ensure credit where credit's due

Presented by Leandro Guerra, Head of Data Science - EMEA

The rapid drive to digital channels across the region is enabling wider access to credit and lowering costs for borrowers - all of which contributes to economic growth and job creation. But it also poses new questions around responsible lending and challenges for accurate credit analysis. With the right insight, data and models, it’s a critical challenge that can be met head-on. Consultant Leandro Guerra outlines how businesses can self-select multiple insights to better inform fast and smart decision-making for new and existing customers. He explains how the ability to assess and analyse potential customers from the outset, helps deliver smart, fast and appropriate lending decisions, which reduce risk for your customers and your business. It also ensures a competitive advantage by creating and strengthening customer relationships across all stages of the credit lending lifecycle - including for any who may find themselves in a difficult financial situation.

Thursday 20 February, 14:30 - 15:00 CET

Finding the keys to unlocking customer expectations

Presented by Pieter-Paul Baron, Global Business Consultant

Acquiring a more sophisticated view of customers, their behaviour and their markets is critical to thrive in these unpredictable times. Customer retention is a key element of the challenge - because we all expect safe and seamless, friction-free online journeys, across all platforms – whoever we’re dealing with. But we're also an impatient lot and we're getting ever-more impatient, thanks to our fast-paced digital word. In fact, recent research reveals many customers (51%) get so fed-up with slow sign-ups that they will simply abandon their application altogether and go elsewhere. Once they've gone, they've often gone for good. Customers also expect businesses to safeguard them when they’re transacting online – even though the challenge of onerous fraud checks can add unacceptable delays to the journey. Consultant Pieter-Paul Baron, explains where the quick wins are and why every successful transaction starts with the data and the ability to apply technology and software in harnessing its vast potential.

Thursday 19 March, 14:30 - 15:00 CET

Banking on trust

Presented by Derek Garriock, Head of Strategic Design & Innovation

Banks alongside other high-profile brands are now fast becoming consumer ‘marketplaces’ in their own right offering a mass of goods and services. Open Banking has given data-savvy consumers the option of self-selecting which organisations they share their personal and financial information with. Research shows customers generally favour sharing data with well-known banks, leading online content providers and retailers. In return, there's an implicit expectation that they get personalised offers and other value-adds. But who will customers choose to share their data with? Why? And what do ‘value-adds’ actually look like? Presenter Derek Garriock outlines why banking on trust is quickly becoming the best route to success.

On-demand webinars

How Commercial Acumen can win more SME business

Nick Tuttelberg, Global Business Consultant

Open Banking is now open for business in Europe - and what it means for you

Presented by Pier Paolo Borgia, Director of Product Management & Propositions EMEA

EMEA Fraud Review

Presented by Frederic Dubout, Senior Business Consultant

Onboarding of new customers in the digital era

Presented by Herman Peeters, Experian Global Consultant

Early anticipation of regulatory initiatives

Presented by Davide Boselli, Experian Senior Regulatory Analytics Consultant

Onboarding of new customers in the digital era

Presented by Herman Peeters, Experian Global Consultant

Digital Onboarding

Presented by Keshnie July, Experian Global Consultant

Identity Theft – Do you know the true cost?

Presented by Jonathan Withers, Global Sales Director, Experian Consumer Services

One year on since IFRS9

Presented by Davide Boselli, EMEA Senior Regulatory Consultant, Experian

Digital Transformation and the impact of ID and Fraud

Presented by Clive Gungudoo, Global Fraud Consultant, Experian

Enabling a Game Changing Digital Expansion

Presented by Burak Kiliçoglu, Principal Consultant, Experian

The (r)evolution of identity

Presented by Frédéric Dubout, Senior Business Consultant, Fraud & ID, Experian

Finding the winning edge with Experian Business Reviews

Presented by Esin Unal Yilmaz, Global Consultant, Experian

How to take the uncertainty and risk out of lending to SMEs

Presented by Nicholas Tuttelberg - Senior Business Consultant, Experian

The new normal - Digital fraud meets analogue business

Presented by Christof Seifert - Head of Fraud and ID CEE & Germany, Experian

The new generation of powerful internal and external predictors of risk with the help of Machine Learning

Presented by Leandro Guerra - Analytics Consultant, Experian

The optimal collections process in a regulated environment

Presented by Davide Boselli, Rostislav Gyonkov and Armando Capone - Experian

How to fully leverage on data using intelligent analytics environment

Presented by Giulio Mariani - Data Scientist, Experian

Security. Trust. Credibility.
Do you know the true cost of identity theft?

Presented by Jonathan Withers - Global Sales Director, Experian

Web Data Insight
Credit Risk Management for SMEs portfolio

Presented by Giulio Mariani - Data Scientist, Experian

How customer behaviors will make
current business model disappear?

Presented by Armando Capone - Senior Business Consultant, Experian

How to leverage innovative Big Data to get better customer insights

Presented by Leandro Guerra - Analytics Consultant, Experian

Open Banking and PSD2: how can regulation help your business growth

Presented by Giulio Mariani - Data Scientist, Experian

New technologies to create a frictionless and secure customer experience

Presented by Christof Seifert - Senior Business Consultant, Experian

Get better and faster decisions: the importance of automated multichannel platform

Presented by Eduardo Perez - Senior Business Consultant, Experian

How to address the latest EBA guidelines on Default definition and credit risk models

Presented by Davide Boselli - EMEA Senior Regulatory Consultant, Experian


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