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Thursday 21 February, 14:30 – 15:15 CET

The (r)evolution of identity

Presented by Frédéric Dubout, Senior Business Consultant, Fraud & ID, Experian

In time, identity has evolved in its definition and in the use that is made of it. It has been taking a growing role in economy, to such a degree that it has also become a merchandise itself. Being at the heart of the new economy, it is under pressure from all parts: businesses, consumers, regulators, and fraudsters. As it is stolen, forged, counterfeit and sold in huge quantities, the ability to trust it has become key to almost all industries, not only the most digitized ones. But how to prove an identity when it has become so complex and multifaceted? The state of the art now is not about just one technology nor one single approach: a full and efficient identity proofing policy has to be holistic.

So how and when to leverage the best concepts? And what are they?

Thursday 28 February, 14:30 – 15:15 CET

Digital Transformation and the impact of ID and Fraud

Presented by Clive Gungudoo, Global Fraud Consultant, Experian

Among the biggest challenges facing fraud teams is over-turning the perception that introducing checks needlessly interrupts and slows the customer journey. But top-performing fraud and ID platforms actually improve the customer journey, reduce friction, drive sales and win satisfaction - while reducing losses. Consultant Clive Gungudoo outlines what an effective customer journey looks like and how you can deliver on your online customer promise, without bypassing vital checks and controls.

Thursday 7 March, 14:00 - 14:45 GST

Enabling a Game Changing Digital Expansion

Presented by Burak Kiliçoglu, Principal Consultant , Experian

Customer expectations and behaviors are changing and mobile technology is more important in customers' lives than ever before. A core focus for future acquisition ambitions is how to efficiently transition onboarding from other channels to digital onboarding and doing so without affecting volume and quality while optimizing customer experience.

Don't miss the opportunity to attend to this free webinar where we will share our view of how to do this transition successfully.

You will also have the chance to address your questions during the Q&A session at the end of the webinar.

Monday 18 March, 14:00 - 14:45 GST

Finding the winning edge with Experian Business Reviews

Presented by Esin Unal Yilmaz, Experian Global Consultant

  • Ever wanted to know how you compare against your peers in country, against your peers in other countries, against global best practice?
  • Ever wanted an external pair of eyes to look at what you are doing and suggest how you can make the move the next level?
During this webinar session we’d like to share with you Experian’s highly effective methodology for evaluating opportunities to improve the return on investment, assess your organization’s capacity to deliver these opportunities and identify any additional capability that might be necessary to fully realize proposed benefits

Thursday 14 March, 14:30 – 15:15 CET

One year on since IFRS9

Presented by Davide Boselli, EMEA Senior Regulatory Consultant, Experian

The development and implementation of the new accounting standard IFRS9 entailed considerable efforts with the banking system. The financial institutions have therefore faced this new regulated challenge, focusing on solutions that are strictly in line with the new scheme without analysing the impacts and benefits on their business model. The purpose of the webinar will therefore give a broader overview, in order to develop a validation process that meets regulatory requirements, but which is at the same time useful for finalising and optimising the results and processes involving new accounting standard.

On-demand webinars

The new normal - Digital fraud meets analogue business

Presented by Christof Seifert - Head of Fraud and ID CEE & Germany, Experian

The new generation of powerful internal and external predictors of risk with the help of Machine Learning

Presented by Leandro Guerra - Analytics Consultant, Experian

The optimal collections process in a regulated environment

Presented by Davide Boselli, Rostislav Gyonkov and Armando Capone - Experian

How to fully leverage on data using intelligent analytics environment

Presented by Giulio Mariani - Data Scientist, Experian

Security. Trust. Credibility.
Do you know the true cost of identity theft?

Presented by Jonathan Withers - Global Sales Director, Experian

Web Data Insight
Credit Risk Management for SMEs portfolio

Presented by Giulio Mariani - Data Scientist, Experian

How customer behaviors will make
current business model disappear?

Presented by Armando Capone - Senior Business Consultant, Experian

How to leverage innovative Big Data to get better customer insights

Presented by Leandro Guerra - Analytics Consultant, Experian

Open Banking and PSD2: how can regulation help your business growth

Presented by Giulio Mariani - Data Scientist, Experian

New technologies to create a frictionless and secure customer experience

Presented by Christof Seifert - Senior Business Consultant, Experian

Get better and faster decisions: the importance of automated multichannel platform

Presented by Eduardo Perez - Senior Business Consultant, Experian

How to address the latest EBA guidelines on Default definition and credit risk models

Presented by Davide Boselli - EMEA Senior Regulatory Consultant, Experian

How to take the uncertainty and risk out of lending to SMEs

Presented by Nicholas Tuttelberg - Senior Business Consultant, Experian


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