The Experian Marketing Suite The Experian Marketing Suite is the world’s most flexible and comprehensive end-to-end marketing solution, enabling brands to create and deliver exceptional and authentic customer experiences, every time - in any channel and via any device.

By leveraging Experian Marketing Services’ 30 years of data-driven marketing expertise, brands can drive customer acquisition, increase customer loyalty and improve marketing return on investment.

A look inside the Marketing Suite
The Experian Marketing Suite provides brands several key advantages when competing for the modern consumer:

Identify and profile customers: Ability to gain unparalleled insight into the life and mindset of every consumer, connect that insight to a brand’s own data and make it available via every communication channel in a privacy compliant and secure manner.

Create personalized experiences across all channels: Access to the most up-to-date, richly descriptive and predictive customer intelligence, enabling brands to respond and engage quickly and optimally with consumers in any channel and via any device.

Optimize marketing performance: Understand the performance of your marketing investment to improve efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing programs, delivering higher customer life-time value and long-term profitability.
Customizable to meet your needs
The Experian Marketing Suite is flexible and adaptable to meet the unique needs of any brand. Brands can leverage Experian Marketing Services’ industry-leading technology and services to meet their unique needs, increasing sophistication as their program evolves.

Identity Manager: Get a true and panoramic view of your customers
  • Capture: Capture, cleanse and integrate customer and prospect contact data, while ensuring it is accurate, up-to-date and available to support interactions at any touch point.
  • Link: Maintain and leverage a complete view of customers by synchronizing customer identifiers across all channels and interactions.
  • Enrich: Develop a panoramic view of your customers by enhancing what you know about them through the world’s richest consumer data set, including information about their multi-channel usage, attitudinal mind-set, lifestyle and purchasing behaviors.
Intelligence Manager: Understand your customer behaviors and preferences to optimize interactions
  • Profile: Gain an actionable perspective to acquire and retain your target customers using rich insight into who they are, how they think and what they do.
  • Plan: Match consumer behaviors and attitudes to develop customer engagement strategies, content, messaging and media plans that differentiate your brand and improve communication relevance.
  • Target: Use predictive consumer insight to reach your target customers with highly optimized offers that are delivered in the most effective channel at right time to realize higher marketing performance.
Interactions manager: Intelligently interact with customers across any channel
  • Engage: Leverage a highly flexible approach to campaign management and real-time execution, allowing you to plan, organize and optimize consumer interactions across marketing channels - email, mobile, social, display, web, tv and direct mail – as well as categories, product lines, time, or any other dimension you choose.
  • Analyze: Record, measure and integrate customer response activity and behaviors to optimize marketing performance across-channels and update campaigns while in-flight.
  • Attribute: Get a consolidated view of the impact of your multi-channel marketing programs and actionable measurement of the return on your marketing investment.