#MFTour The 2014
Marketing Forward Tour
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Crossing channels — getting closer to your customers through highly coordinated strategies
Engaging your customers with consistent, integrated and real-time messages in their preferred channels sounds fantastic, but can be awfully hard to do. This roundtable will focus on the paradigm shift that's occurring in marketing today as siloes come down and marketing functions intersect. We'll discuss how to move your organization's marketing strategies, technologies, organizational structure and implementation efforts from one or two channels to truly across channels, a/k/a achieving marketing nirvana.
Making big data small data — find the most addressable, predictable and actionable data points
A huge challenge for today's marketer is understanding and connecting Big Data to generate accurate, robust customer insights that fuel effective cross-channel campaigns. This roundtable will examine the various sources of online and offline consumer data, plus methods for extracting insights that identify hidden opportunity within your customer base to help design, build and execute integrated cross-channel customer experiences that build brand loyalty.
Resolving linkage and contact data challenges
If you're jumping into cross-channel marketing with both feet but you haven't ensured that your customer data is accurate, your campaign efforts simply won't work. This step may not be overly sexy but it's an imperative for marketing success. Join a discussion on the challenges marketers face when resolving and linking customer identities in various channels, plus ensuring that contact data is accurate before campaigns launch.
Improve customer acquisition programs using consumer insight and inflight measurement
We all know that smart segmentation and targeting improves customer acquisition in display, search and social media marketing programs. Better consumer insights should lead to stronger campaign results. But execution and measurement also impact overall performance and should be carefully monitored in real time. Join this discussion about how deep insights into behaviors, preferences and lifestyles can be used to fuel digital marketing programs, plus how to identify improvements that can be made while campaigns are in flight.
Focusing your mobile strategy — better engage your customers in this essential channel
Mobile is a critical channel for savvy brands and is an area that all marketers are thinking hard about. This roundtable will focus on how mobile is now an essential part of the overall customer experience as well as the marketing mix. We will discuss how consumers use mobile and how they expect marketers to communicate with them on their mobile devices.
Essential email strategies for a cross-channel world
Email has emerged as a hub of cross-channel marketing execution because of both its effectiveness and natural ability to integrate with other channels. Email marketers recognize that they are often the driver of their organization’s cross-channel marketing efforts and are seeking new and innovative ways for email to seamlessly connect with social, mobile, display, etc., while driving overall campaign strategy. Join this roundtable to discuss the trends, challenges and success stories related to email's leading role in today’s complex marketing ecosystem.
"Nice event, really enjoyed the keynote speakers."
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