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Grow Profitability with Financial Segments – Target, upsell and cross sell by financial persona and product interest


Engaging and selling financial products and services to consumers is more challenging than ever.  It is critical to offer relevant products, outstanding service and timely marketing messages to generate response to your offers.  Being successful requires a clear understanding of your best customers and prospects. Knowing what they want and how they behave online and offline enables you to put your offers in front of the consumer most likely to respond, and be approved for your products and services.

Anita Gandhi, Sr. Director of Strategic Services showcases how to identify, engage and convert your most profitable customers across your lines of products and services.

Key Insights Include:
  • Marketing to Financial Personas - Lower acquisition costs by identifying distinct, high value segments by financial behavior or interest
  • Customer-centric marketing – Align marketing strategy to target ideal prospects in market for consumer and small business deposits, credit cards and other lines of credit.
  • Customer experience management – Build a loyal customer base that banks with you regularly and evangelizes your brand via meaningful, relevant communication
  • Competitive intelligence – Benchmark your success in attracting high-value prospects against your competitors, and understand which channels are working best for them.
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