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Marketing Sophistication Curve? Online Tool

Marketing Sophistication CurveAs marketers, we are falling way behind our customers. Consumers are exploring and adopting new marketing channels at an alarming pace. Facebook, Twitter, Four Square, Pinterest and more quickly become as much a part of our daily lexicon as does email, the internet and our smart phones. Like it or not, those with a physical presence are a showroom for online and mobile commerce. Barriers around consumers are all but gone, except for one thing…the customer experience.

Marketers must begin to work towards a consistent and coordinated cross-channel experience for their customers. We need to endeavor to engage in meaningful conversations with our customers by providing them with information across the customer lifecycle. We must be prepared to both generate demand through planned outbound messages and capture demand via real time offer management and trigger based campaigns. And all of this needs to create a consistent message.

It is a difficult problem to solve. What you need is a plan. A roadmap, that plots a course from where you are today to the Promised Land.

We have created this online survey tool to help you assess where you are in your marketing efforts today and provide guidance on how to keep moving forward toward the Promised Land of true cross-channel marketing.

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