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Creative cross-channel acquisition strategies


Want to re-invigorate your subscriber lists with new customers who are ready to be engaged by your brand? Of course you do!

Today, more than ever, marketers have the ability to interact with customers through a multitude of channels. It’s imperative that these channels are optimized to ensure that engagement with the customer continues, even after the initial interaction.

Acquisition strategies that span a variety of channels help keep your list fresh and will continue to build your base of loyal customers.

Join Experian Marketing Services acquisition gurus, Douglas Turpel and Brad Wyman, as they guide you through growing your subscriber list and conquering subscriber acquisition challenges.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • New acquisition trends and proven acquisition methods
  • Subscriber acquisition best practices
  • Ways to grow your subscriber base while staying off of ISP blacklists
  • How to integrate point of sale, mobile and social acquisition strategies

The Presenters

Mark Fauntleroy

Brad Wyman, Strategic Accounts Manager, Experian QAS
Brad has been with Experian QAS for 5 years working primarily with retail & financial services clients. Brad has quickly demonstrated the ability to understand the direct marketing world and the cross channel Experian Marketing Services offering to provide best practices to clients on how to capture, validate, hygiene, match and append customer contact data. His high energy and partnership mentality has allowed him to drive significant value to our top tier clients through enterprise data quality solutions.

David Kepets

Doug Turpel, Associate Director of Client Services, Experian CheetahMail
Doug Turpel is an Associate Director of Client Services at Experian Marketing Services. Doug brings over 7 years of interactive experience managing complex, data-driven online marketing programs for a portfolio of Fortune 500 clients across multiple verticals. In his role, Doug helps clients with strategic planning, program development, data analysis, and campaign execution across channels such as email, mobile and social. Doug received his BFA in Marketing & Computer Science at New York Institute of Technology.

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