The 2013 Digital Marketer Report

The 2013 Digital Marketer Report and Webinar Series

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This comprehensive resource contains actionable data and consumer insights across key marketing channels, as well as the trends, predictive benchmark data and analytical insight needed to maximize digital marketing opportunities and return on investment - what you have come to expect from Experian Marketing Services.

Watch The 2013 Digital Marketer Webinar Series

Life is the channel
Watch as Bill Tancer dives into consumer confidence levels and what it means for brands, the evolution of cross-channel marketing, the 'always-on' consumer and insights on key channels.

Cross-channel campaign management
Watch as Marcus Tewksbury breaks down the barriers that have challenged marketers, and learn how to enhance future cross-channel campaigns to better connect with your customers.

Consumer insights
Watch as Heather Dougherty explores the consumer behaviors that will help you identify your target audience and fully understand your customers' needs, wants and preferences.

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