Decisioning Vision 2020:
The new rules of customer engagement

How customer-centric is your organisation?

Experian's Decisioning Vision 2020 research study found that the majority of businesses are focusing on providing an excellent customer experience. But many need to implement considerable changes in order to make this a reality.

The research found that in order to achieve the ultimate customer experience, organisations must refocus their priorities on five key areas:

  1. Attain multiple and new sources of data
    80% of Financial Services and Telecoms organisations across EMEA say customer experience will be the ultimate differentiator by 2020
  2. Achieve a holistic view of customers
    42% of organisations say eliminating data silos is a key focus area over the next five years
  3. Provide real-time, consistent and pre-qualified decisions
    82% of organisations believe real-time decisions will improve the overall customer experience
  4. Use multi-channel automation across all customer touch points
    69% of organisations say multi-channel applications will be their top challenge over the next five years
  5. Embrace advanced analytics across the entire organisation
    35% of organisations plan to outsource advanced analytics to a trusted partner in the next five years
Discover more about these industry insights and other key trends by downloading the report. Based on unique market insight from 255 senior decision makers from 195 leading Financial Services and Telecom organisations in eight regions across EMEA, it reveals how data, decisioning tools and analytics need to evolve across the customer life cycle, and what businesses want to achieve across these areas today and over the next five years.

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