The 2014 Digital Marketer Report

Create intelligent interactions with your customers. Every time.

Webinar: Thursday, March 27th, 1PM EST

Last fall, 41 percent of smartphone owners reported that their phone is the primary way they access the Internet. This year will go down in history as the inflection point for mobile Internet access, but more importantly as the year that cross-channel optimization became a necessity versus a lofty goal. Mobile, while a dominant element, is just one part of a complex system of channels that consumers leverage to consume information about your products and services, and interact with your brand.

Join our Digital Marketer Webinar, Thursday, March 27th, 1PM EST, where data guru Bill Tancer will provide insight into consumer expectations and the ever-evolving marketing landscape while highlighting key data points, benchmarks and trends from The 2014 Digital Marketer Report.


Bill Tancer

General Manager, Global Research, Experian Marketing Services and author of Click: What Millions of People are doing Online and Why It Matters and Everyone's a Critic - Winning Customers in a Review-Driven World.

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