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The 2015 Digital Consumer View (Asia)                                                       

The only report that truly gives marketers an accurate view and complete understanding of digital consumers across Asia, the Digital Consumer View 2015 (Asia) is packed with invaluable insights and data points which will help steer and guide strategies to achieve customer centricity and engagement. 

Compiled from the responses of more than 1,200 digital consumers across six markets in Asia and launched to complement our globally recognised Digital Marketer report, the Digital Consumer View 2015 (Asia) is a comprehensive study on channel and device behaviour as well as content preferences of the Asian digital consumer. 

Three main areas of coverage:

  • Device – The impact of mobile on consumer behaviour and how it has reshaped everything from content digestion purchase decisions 
  • Content – The importance of content relevancy, the impacts of irrelevant content and adopting an integrated content strategy 
  • Channel – Getting the most out of each channel, rethinking cross-channel efforts when it comes to content and engagement 

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