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An exciting free digital edition of our premier client event in South Africa – the Digital Credit and Decision Analytics Conference, or DigiCADA, is taking place from 1 – 3 September and we would love for you to join us. DigiCADA is an opportunity for senior executives, managers and even whole teams working in the banking, telecommunications, retail, insurance and financial services industries to understand the credit-related trends that are prevailing in South Africa and learn about the latest solutions addressing key business challenges across the customer lifecycle.

What value does DigiCADA offer?

Leveraging the latest in digital conference technology, DigiCADA brings industry experts to you – whether you are at home on your couch or in the office. Our live streamed and engaging format gives you a tangible conference experience from the safety of your location – an important consideration during the current pandemic. In light of the economic disruptions the COVID-19 crisis has brought about, our theme for the event is Insights for the New Normal. Our experts will provide insights into how business and consumer behaviour has changed over the last year, including practical examples of how to use data and technology as a driving force for growth and innovation during the new normal.

A full digitally, all-inclusive conference experience

This complimentary, digital conference pushes the traditional online webinar format by including a full digitally, all-inclusive conference experience, including:

  • Digital auditorium for presentations
  • Breakaway rooms to explore additional valuable content
  • Discussion areas for networking
  • Interactive polls, quizzes and competitions
  • Flexibility to dial in for the sessions relevant to you
  • Free to share the event with your teams, colleagues or professional contacts

Are you ready for the new normal?

DigiCADA will take place from Tuesday 1 September to Thursday 3 September 2020 with two sessions per day 10:00 – 12:00 CAT and 14:00 – 16:00 CAT. Each session has 3 x 20-minute talks with a 45-minute Q&A and discussion.

We look forward to seeing you online!


When registering for DigiCADA, you will have access to our full agenda, breakaway content and additional resources. DigiCADA offers freedom of choice, our attendees are free to join the sessions that are relevant to their interests.

10:00 - 12:00 CAT

Effects of COVID-19 on Businesses and Economies

What Will the New Normal Look Like? An Economic Outlook for Sub-Saharan Africa.

Dr Jammine begins with a brief outline of the history, current and future state of the COVID-19 virus, globally and domestically. The impact of the lockdowns and social distancing introduced to deal with the virus will be highlighted for the world, South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa, with an outline of forecasts currently in vogue, together with scenarios. This will also encompass a brief commentary on the kind of relief packages introduced to mitigate the fallout from the virus and responses thereto and the challenges these are generating. Finally, the presentation will outline the kind of changes in the economic environment which have already taken place and how these are likely to determine areas of opportunity available in a post-COVID-19 environment.

Dr Azar Jammine is Director and Chief Economist of Econometrix (Pty) Ltd, South Africa's leading independent economic research consultancy and forecasting company, established in 1982. He has been in his current position since December 1985 and has established a significant profile in South Africa as an analyst and commentator on domestic and international economic affairs. Dr Jammine has conducted more than 5000 presentations to leading client corporations and other institutions as well as at conferences dealing with the local and international economic environment. In this capacity, he has also been invited over the years by several corporations to serve as an independent non-executive director. Dr Jammine recently retired as a member of the National Advisory Council on Innovation, a body of experts appointed by the Department of Science and Technology but still assists NACI on an ad-hoc basis as an expert on various tasks.

Academically, Dr Jammine obtained a BSc (Hons) in Mathematical Statistics and a B.A. (Hons) in Economics at Wits, followed by an M.Sc in Economics from the LSE and a PhD at the London Business School.

A Look at a Rapidly Changing Credit Economy: Pre-COVID to Now.

The current COVID-19 pandemic and the socio-economic disruption it has caused has had a dramatic effect on the credit and related industries. Over the last five months, Experian has explored the trends indicative of the emerging patterns in the credit industry. In this talk, Jaco takes a look at the macroeconomic outlook, with a focus on consumer credit trends that we continue to see unfolding - how they impact overall market activity, changes in consumer behaviour and the impact on overall performance at a total market and business vertical level.

In a career spanning more than 25 years, Jaco gained extensive experience working in various industries including banking, retail and insurance across multiple geographies including Africa, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Throughout his career, his passion has been driving organisational value through an absolute focus on the customer and customer experience enhancing strategies, making extensive use of big data and advanced analytics to achieve the desired outcomes.

KasiNomics: The Economics of Informal Economies in a COVID Environment.

KasiNomics will provide an introduction?into the massive informal economy and brief?case studies of successful?business models in this space; followed by an overview of how the lockdown?and COVID-19 restrictions?have impacted this space and survival strategies adopted by informal businesses; and concluding with a scenario?view of?changes & trends of kasi shoppers and informal?business in a future post-COVID South Africa.

Born white in apartheid South Africa but raised & bred as a Zulu man, G.G. was raised in a mud hut in one of the most poverty-stricken and violent parts of KwaZulu Natal, GG's memoir, Third World Child, White Born, Zulu Bred tells his story growing up as a Zulu.

His second book, KasiNomics attempts to cast a light on the invisible matrix at the heart of South Africa's informal economies and the people who live in them. G.G.'s latest book KasiNomic Revolution explores the revolution taking place in the great marketplaces of the informal sector.

G.G. has been at times a shebeen owner, political activist, community worker and African adventurer. Fluent in Zulu and conversant in most South African ethnic languages, G.G. is the founder of Minanawe Marketing, a leading activations business in S.A., recently sold to an international agency network.

G.G. is a specialist in Informal & Kasi (township) economies, Marketing and Route to Market Strategies.

14:00 - 16:00 CAT

Fraud and Risk: Strategies and Trends

Insights into the Latest Fraud Trends across the Globe and in Africa.

Fraud risk management is even more critical when in the storm of a pandemic. As we continue to migrate to digital platforms – sound fraud strategies are fundamental. Mark highlights some of the trends and opportunities exposed by criminals during these times and highlights key focus areas

Mark is a servant to the fraud community with over 12 years of experience in Fraud risk management and implementing strategies in the fraud value chain. He had previously served on fraud payments forums at both PASA and SABRIC. He is a Certified Fraud Examiner with the ACFE. Mark's purpose and passion are to simplify fraud methodologies and strategies, whilst creating greater awareness and synergy with fraud practitioners across verticals to fight economic crime intelligently as one.

We Need a Hero: Fighting Increased Fraud.

By presenting very real lessons learned, Simon will highlight the evolving fraud landscape, adaption to threats, challenges, leveraging data, and insider risks in the fight against fraud. He's been there, seen it, experienced it, sought to fix it, and has the grey hair and furrowed brow to prove it. Simon will be sharing the key aspects of his journey so that others might have less pain on their own journey!

Simon is an international banker with over 30 years' experience across Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. He brings an end to end management perspective across businesses and functions gained in Global, Regional, and Country roles, that have included Operations and Technology, Sales & Relationship Management, Transaction Banking, Chief Operating Officer, Business and Financial Crime remediation, Conduct, and Investigations.?

More recently he was the Global Head of Shared Investigative Services for Standard Chartered Bank, working on matters that represented potential significant legal, regulatory, or reputational risk. He led a global team of investigators, forensics, and product specialists, responsible for managing investigations into alleged conduct issues across all geographies, businesses and products of the Bank, including; Whistle-Blowing (Speak-Up), Fraud, Bribery and Corruption, Data Leakage incidents, Harassment and risks identified as global conduct themes.

Simon is now a consultant, focused on providing advice on the management of non-financial risks and threat, conduct, governance and controls.

Using AI and Digital Tools in the Fight Against Fraud.

Documents are an essential business tool. And in the world of compliance, their importance in providing a history of any transaction together with providing one of the layers for individual Identification & Verification, is increasing daily. However, they are not being utilised efficiently at all. Mike discusses how organisations can obtain much more strategic value from them, together with a case study.

Mike Fairon has gained deep expertise in the application of disruptive technologies in the Information Communications, Telecommunications and Financial Services Industry. He has held various senior level positions at ABSA, MTN, FNB and Dimension Data. Within these organisations, Mike was recognised for his capacity to drive strategic business planning, product portfolio growth and new product development, always centred around enhancing the overall customer experience. He has a holistic approach to life and balances his professional responsibilities with family and extra-curricular activities.

10:00 - 12:00 CAT

Credit, Analytics and Decisioning

Adapting to Disruption – Introducing the Latest Forrester Research.

Having knowledge of a bigger picture allows us to adapt to disruptive events or forces in business. In the last few decades, few events have been as globally and locally disruptive as the COVID-19 pandemic. Mark is presenting key highlights from the Forrester’s research which are sure to get you thinking about how your business can adapt to the current disruption.

Mark joined Experian in February 2015. Prior to that, he spent 20 years in the Information Technology sector running high-performing sales teams.

Mark holds a BCom (Hons) degree from the University of Witwatersrand, and MBA from the University of Cape Town, and postgraduate executive qualifications from Columbia University in New York and Harvard Business School.

Mark was awarded the EMEA Sales Director of the Year Aware 2016 and the EMEA People Leader of the Year Award in 2018.

His current role at Experian involves leading the customer-facing integrated sales teams that engage with clients across all industries in South Africa as well as being a member of the Experian Africa leadership team as Chief Customer Officer.

To Pay or Not to Pay: Determining Willingness to Pay During Periods of Economic Disruption.

The COVID-19 pandemic drastically changed our way of living. It also changed our financial circumstances; many South Africans are worse off financially and struggle to make ends meet. This directly impacts the ability of consumers to repay their credit commitments. Therefore, I want to highlight how to determine whether consumers are willing to repay but not able to due to financial distress caused by the pandemic.

Nerietha started her career after graduating, obtaining a Master's degree in Quantitative Risk Management. She joined WesBank, where she later joined FNB and worked there the majority of her career as a quantitative analyst. Nerietha moved to the analytics team in Experian as a Scoring Specialist in April 2020. She specialises in credit analytics and has had opportunities to work across the credit life cycle, getting to understand how all the different components fit in like a puzzle. She enjoy analytics just as much as reading, music, art and a good movie!

Is there a True Alternative to Traditional Credit Scores for Africa?

As the world has radically changed recently and will continue to do, we feel that it is crucial to be able to understand consumers and SMEs' differently in order to stimulate economic growth. The way to do this is to build an alternative view of people or companies that looks at behaviours, preferences and choices. By working collaboratively with partners, we are looking at using consented and secured data to build these scores to enhance all risk recommendations and enhance our insights offerings.

Corporate journeyman with a passion for entrepreneurship, innovation and bringing relevant products and services to the market. Paul has worked in FCMG, Financial Services and the Entrepreneurial world for 25 years across all over Africa, Asia and China. Currently, Paul is running the innovation platform for Experian Africa in order to bring opportunity to life.

14:00 - 16:00 CAT

Disruptive FinTech Trends

The convergence of Customer Experience, Open Banking, AI and COVID-19; and how it is disrupting the future of digital wallets.

Open Banking, Regulatory Changes, A.I., Blockchain and RPA have all enabled limited disruption to the traditional banking sector over the last couple of years. During this period, many financial institutions have been looking at Digital Transformation with a renewed focus on Customer Experience to balance some of this disruption. In addition, many of the larger banks have established massive funds to identify up-and-coming disruptive products to either invest or purchase these disruptive products outright. Up till now, the disruption has been limited, but the convergence of technologies and regulations, together with the accelerating digital transformation effect of a global pandemic, sets the scene for massive disruption in the customer experience space. A new generation of wallets and related products are waiting to take advantage of this convergence, and this will cause a fundamental rethink in how people bank and how banks provide services.

Martin is the CEO of Global Kinetic, a software development company based in Cape Town established in 2005, with a subsidiary in Palo Alto, USA. He leads an executive team with approximately 100 engineers, to deliver near-zero defect code to clients; mostly in the financial and banking space. Global Kinetic has won many awards for their Fintech clients, including Gold at the American Business Awards in 2018. Martin has extensive experience in software engineering and all aspects of technology, people, process, business management and innovation. He holds a B. Comm (Honours) in Information Systems (UCT).

Is Open Banking Capable of Transforming Africa?

Open banking is the future globally - the drive for established Banks and Financial Services to open their API's (Application Programming Interfaces) and share more data is a scary prospect for most. Nick highlights how this does not have to be the case and shows some examples of where this has been embraced and how sharing of data can actually benefit all stakeholders involved. Nick will show how Open Banking can lead to beneficial partnerships to support Financial Inclusion in Africa and make the customers bespoke needs central to all future decisions.

Nick Tuttelberg is a Senior Global Consultant working within Experian Decision Analytics' Global Consulting Practice (EMEA).

Prior to joining Experian, Nick was Business Development Director at TransUnion for eight years.

His work included Consulting and Partnering with various Listed Groups to offer value-based Analytical, Software and Technology solutions – Specialising in Financial Services, Insurance, Telco (MNO) and Motor. Nick has over 20 years' experience in optimising value across the customer's value chain using predictive analytical tools, I.T. solutions and various sources of alternative data.

Nick was initially responsible for setting up the SME Commercial Analytics Consulting Division within TransUnion in 2009, and today this division has a sizeable market footprint. Nick was the top-performing Director in the TransUnion Africa region for three consecutive years.

Prior to TransUnion, Nick worked for R.C. &C Finance (part of JSE listed Reunert Ltd) in the role of Credit and Operations Executive Director for the Group, where he was responsible for Credit Policies and Key projects within the Group. He managed a debtor's book of over R1,6 billion and was responsible for implementing one of the first Automated Decisioning Systems (FINSIGHT) into the SME Asset Based Finance market with a fully integrated Rules Based Scorecard.

Nick also held Senior Credit Positions at Standard Bank and Nedbank Ltd.

The new digital economy: Can we embrace the disruptive impact of digital to re-engineer the traditional contact centre, creating a FinTech accelerator.

There are two ways in which business can adapt; either incrementally by making small changes over time, or radically, by adapting to a sudden disruption. Bringing 3 decades of experience in business, Howard will discuss how COVID-19 has forced our hand, how we are at the start of an evolutionary adaption to the new ways in which we do business and interact with customers, and how we can use that to improve the customer experience.

Howard Blake has served as Chairman, Executive Director and CEO of companies across the BPO (business process outsourcing), data, software and technology industries. A respected entrepreneur, he has successfully started 16 companies across 4 continents, being true to his vision of data-driven business combined with using technology to disrupt.

Howard was a finalist in the Ernst and Young, World Entrepreneur Awards, he has appeared on CNBC Africa, in Entrepreneur Magazine and the African Business Journal.

Over 3 decades, he has pioneered and developed the South African BPO industry, the country's largest converged consumer database and platforms for consumer digital engagement. Along the way, his vision has helped over 30,000 people launch their careers.

More recently, Howard has broadened his focus to sharing his knowledge in a changing world through advising companies on sound strategies in adopting effective transformative digital processes.

10:00 - 12:00 CAT

Leading Marketing and Loyalty Practices

Do you Know What your Customers are really up to?

In a very different world, we have “new” customers and clients who view the world and brands very differently. Trust is now centre stage, and loyalty re-defined. Sarina discusses how these changes have impacted our client relationships and expectations and explains how marketers can respond with purpose.

Sarina de Beer has two Master's degrees in Psychology and Research Psychology. She started her career as a lecturer at the University of Pretoria, where a driving ambition was born to become a respected researcher. This drive flourished at Ask Afrika where she managed to create a synergy between business consulting and research. Sarina has successfully blurred the lines between research and the consultation of business-driven clients to ensure that they derive commercial value from research. And – as businesses face much larger, more complex challenges, impacting their ability to drive excellence – Sarina is focused on helping to enable businesses to become and remain relevant. Her focus is on better navigating client pain points, understanding how this affects them and directing her clients with understanding and context.

Together with her team, Sarina is focused on understanding the "why" around research strategy, instead of the "what" by taking a futuristic outlook when it comes to research strategy. Businesses are facing dynamic challenges in achieving excellence and, therefore, Sarina believes it is critical to help them remain relevant in an increasingly complex market, through guiding them with real understanding and context. This approach has ensured the differentiation of Ask Afrika by delivering research projects that enable decision-making.

The Value of Powerful Market Segmentation Tools in a COVID-19 Environment.

Market segmentation is the next step to understanding your customers' life stage as well as their financial wellbeing. Experian's Consumer Insights lets you keep in contact with your customer dynamically as their needs evolve, both from a credit and non-credit product point of view. Get ready to walk the journey in your customer's shoes.

Thivern started his journey in the retail credit space in banking, where he focused on pricing and profitability. Since joining the consulting world, he focused on creating value for his clients throughout the credit and non-credit life cycles. He now heads up the Consumer Insights division for Experian S.A. and is constantly looking for new ways to expand the business to offer consumer insights to non-credit and credit clients alike.

Is Going Digital with Loyalty and Rewards Really Rewarding?

Today's benefit is tomorrows expectation – today's astute consumer is not only aware of what is out there but also how to leverage loyalty in a seamless and efficient way. Corporates need to, therefore, pivot to accommodate the evolving and demanding consumer.

As a payments and loyalty executive, Nivan has not only had the opportunity to work across notable multinationals across several geographies, but has also started a payments and loyalty business that has successfully attracted big brand clients like MasterCard, Diners Club, and Shell.

14:00 - 16:00 CAT

Innovation in…

Innovation in Change: The Future of Business Revolutionised: Strategy, Change and Transformation.

It was once said that “There are decades when nothing happens… and then weeks when decades happen”, and so it came to pass with 2020. Now, as we begin to reach out, post-COVID, how should we communicate and lead our businesses into a new landscape? Where should we best focus, engage, align, and adapt our practices? ?In this engaging presentation, Michael Jackson will provide plenty of food for thought and a sense of the right direction. Jackson is a sought-after global speaker who engages his audiences and enables them to understand better how to deal with the complexities delivered by the modern world

As a keynote speaker Michael Jackson has already applied his communication and marketing expertise to audiences at over 2 700 conferences and events across 46 countries.

An informative and inspiring speaker on innovative human and business change, he has addressed world leaders, and global CEOs yet is equally as comfortable with sleeves rolled up speaking at factory floor level.

Passionate about what he does, Jackson creates and delivers outstanding, memorable and company personalised speeches, and is also is available to attend your entire event as an expert, experienced on-stage conference facilitator or interviewer.

Combining immediate, up to date stories of market-relevant business information with the historic, current and future dynamics of business change, Jackson ensures his audiences become completely engaged, think differently and are better able to react to the complexities brought by massive, constant change.

Michael Jackson delivers a powerful set of messages, expertly weaving your story into his materials and creates maximum impact with any audience.

Innovation: Now & Next.

There is no "going to back to normal". There is only NOW & NEXT. Survival through innovation has been forced on us because adoption of and adaptation to technology is faster than we ever thought it could be.

Over 10 years in 14 countries at 700 conferences Ryan Hogarth has effectively illustrated a world where technology and humans meet and work to create a world dramatically different to what came before.

Innovation in Analytics: Catching up with the speed of data - approaching human level accuracy in real-time automated affordability assessments.

Traditional affordability assessments for consumer credit applications are typically long, confusing and require significant documentation. The modern consumer wants quick and easy applications with near-instant approval. How can this be achieved without sacrificing decision accuracy and incurring additional bad debts? This session will provide an overview of obtaining and interpreting digital affordability data, with a focus on identifying employment income in transactional data.

Nick Burnett is an Analytics Manager for Experian Scoresharp and has ten years of experience in credit risk and predictive modelling. This includes designing machine learning models, credit policies and data processes for fully digital application systems. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering from Wits, a Postgrad Diploma in Enterprise Management from UCT, and certificates in machine learning and A.I. from Columbia and MIT.

Innovation in Data: The Latest Advancements from Experian's Data Labs.

synopsis here

Eric Haller is the Executive Vice President and Global Head of Experian DataLabs. Experian DataLabs is responsible for developing innovative products generated from break-through experimentation leveraging artificial intelligence and data assets from a variety of sources. He led the creation of labs in the US, UK, Brazil and Singapore that support research & development initiatives across the Experian enterprise. New products developed in the labs cover mobile, payments, consumer & commercial credit, fraud, targeted marketing & healthcare. Prior to Experian, Eric was responsible for new products with Sequoia Capital backed Green Dot where he created and brought to market the first credit card a consumer could purchase off of a j-hook in a retailer. Eric also co-founded identity fraud detection business iDawg which was later renamed ID Analytics. ID Analytics was acquired by LifeLock which is now part of Symantec. Other roles held by Eric includes Chief Marketing Officer of the first publicly traded machine learning company, HNC Software (acquired by FICO) and executive roles with Visa & MasterCard. Eric has a B.S. in Finance from San Diego State University and an M.S. in Technology Management from Columbia University in the City of New York; he is also a member of the University's School of Professional Studies Board of Overseers.

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Desires for a better experience and concerns for security are still shaping the digital relationship between consumers and businesses, and identity is finding its way into every customer decision. The idea for Experian’s 2020 Global Identity and Fraud Report was to explore such insights based on input from over 6,500 consumers and 650 businesses worldwide.

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