Reduce exposure to identity fraud through early detection

Quickly and accurately pinpoint false identities not associated with an actual person and decrease fraud losses due to credit card charge offs.

How is synthetic identity fraud different than other types of fraud?
Fraudsters make synthetic identities look like real customers with good credit scores and histories. They are made up of blended information combining real and fake data. Given this approach, this fraud is often difficult to spot — and the true impact gets hidden among credit losses.

Synthetic Fraud Risk Level Indicator
Fortunately, we can help. Pinpoint the fraction of applications likely to be associated with a synthetic identity based on a complex set of relationships and account conditions over time. This indicator, delivered to you on our credit profile report, allows you to add a verification step for risky applications — quickly weeding out fraudsters.

Don’t let fraudsters impact your business and steal revenue from your bottom line. Contact us today to get started.

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