Insights-driven organisations will be the winners in the digital economy. The unquestionable shift in power and focus on the customer means organisations must digitally transform their business to keep up.

The digital era requires a fundamental shift towards customer outcomes and customer experience. To deliver on these new expectations companies need to become data-insights driven, and get the most out of the data they have access to, while turning it into insights that can help better serve customers in real-time.

What’s new in the 2017 annual report with Forrester?

In this year’s 2017 report with Forrester, nearly 600 CXOs across Europe’s largest enterprises were surveyed, and it's clear many business leaders continue to struggle with competitive pressures on traditional business models and already constrained internal resources. A scarcity in analytics talent and fit for purpose tools, combined with rising demand is forcing companies to re-think traditional approaches to close the analytics gap.

Read the report to understand how to meet the challenges and learn key insights on:

  • Where organisations are investing to become truly insights-driven.
  • Three key strategies for success.
  • How to push analytics to the next level and unlock the value of your data.
  • Routes to tackling fraud holistically to reduce costs and protect your customer experience.
  • Unified approaches to customer insights to gain visibility of all customer interactions.

Download the report here

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